Clean, New Office Space!

So we decided to go all out and clear out our tiny little office. We threw out everything that was cluttering up the place and we could FINALLY see our keyboards properly! We could also suddenly see our monitors properly!! I was very, very happy! We hired this company: click here to turf everything out and they were absolutely smashing! Very affordable and collected on time. In the past, when I’ve hired skips from other places, it’s been a real pain arranging on-time collection.

Have a look at that extremely organised office! I won’t post a before image. That would be really unfair on us!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our brand new clients. We wouldn’t have a business without you. We’re very grateful.

Old Office


A Little About The Formation of Barnaby Landscapes

Barnaby Landscapes was created a few years ago, yet the decision to get online was only recently made. Born and raised near Bolton, Greater Manchester, Barnaby has always been completely fascinated with the way trees, shrubs, hedges and horticulture in general can make a significant difference to a landscape, however small or large, and however easy or challenging to work with. Read More